Solo Projects / Useless Tunes

Sometimes it's pretty hard to get all the ideas in a order that works for other people than me.

Since 2017 I work with Useless Tunes to get all the music out of my head and on Youtube or Soundcloud.

It's fantastic to be in the studio with someone who knows exactly what you want. Even if the ideas are sometimes very imprecise, we usually have a great record at the end of the day. Since I play all the instruments myself, I can never rehearse with all the voices at the same time. But in the Useless Tunes studio, with Simon's help, all the fragments blend harmoniously together.

With up to 12 different instruments, the rest periods are sometimes a bit longer, but at the end of the day everyone is usually satisfied.

Simon is also responsible for most of the videos and photos on my Homepage/Facebook account and on the Useless Tunes Youtube Channel. By working with such a versatile technician, I can concentrate much better on my own music.



freaky, heavy & loud

Since 2013 I play the rhythm guitar for MelanCore, a German Heavy Stoner Metal Band.


Our Sound can be described as a combination of classical Heavy Metal components mixed with the cool vibes of Stoner & Doom Metal.


The reason behind the passion of our music lies within the goal to reach universal peace.


Actually we are working on our first studio album. It's pretty tough to record a whole album but on the other hand it's very satisfying to hear every song from the first ideas in 2013 to the actual version.

2018 Live at the Open World in Jügesheim
2018 Live at the Open World in Jügesheim

Christa Graf Band

handmade hits

2014 I joined the Christa Graf Band to improve my skills on bass guitar.

Now we have a fix set of about 30 songs - originals and cover and can play about three hours of music from the 50s until the 2010s charts.

The alternative sound of an electric guitar and bass together with a cajon playing ZZ Top and other well known artists/bands make it fun for me as a musician and - hopefully - interesting to listen for the audience.

2018 Live at the KJK Sandgasse 26 in Offenbach
2018 Live at the KJK Sandgasse 26 in Offenbach