About me

me and my Les Paul - 2011
me and my Les Paul - 2011

Hey folks,

my name is Fry and I'm a musician from Germany.

I first picked up a guitar when I was 15 years old and since then never stopped playing music. Originally I wanted to start playing the bass, but my friends were already in a band, only looking for a guitarist. So I took my first guitar lesson and joined the band.

Meanwhile, I also play bass and added a few more Instruments including some tradidional instruments for folk music and even percussion Instruments like cajon or bodhran. Since I make music I also play in different bands. Most of the time I play the guitar but in the meantime I also have a project in which I play bass and try to integrate more and more instruments from my collection into my solo projects because I like their sound so much.

Through my musicology studies in Frankfurt, I feel more confident in what I do and learn what I can handle in my music and how I can improve my own songs and to express the melody that I hear in my head. There is a special subject in musicology called ethnomusicology. Here I get to know the music from other cultural areas and can record the sometimes very special instruments in my compositions.